Bourbon Creative is a B2B content marketing agency founded in the summer of 2013 by Scott Mackin, an American sales and marketing professional currently living in Barcelona. Scott moved from Southern California to Barcelona with his wife in 2011 to pursue his MBA and quickly took note of the seismic shift taking place in the world of marketing in the digital era:


We’re located in One Ocean Port Vell Carrer Escar 26 (Gallery Building), 08039 Barcelona, Spain

No one pays attention to advertising anymore, except advertisers.

When everyone has access to all of the world’s information from a tiny device in their pocket, they can control what they see and interact with. Over the last decade, people have completely stopped paying attention to push advertising.

Instead, people research the specific problem they are facing and find the right solution on their terms, not yours.

In fact, research shows that 90% of a customer’s decision to make a purchase is determined before they ever talk to anyone in your company. Therefore, as a brand, it’s your job to create the content your prospects are looking for and put it in their hands before you even meet them.

For the last 4 years, Scott and his team have been testing and measuring the impact of content marketing for high-growth startups. The result is a turn-key system of content marketing and lead nurturing automation that boosts top-of-funnel growth and drives long-term customer engagement.

In addition to managing Bourbon’s global team of marketing professionals, Scott is the co-founder of Barcinno – Barcelona’s international tech and startup platform, and an advisor to several high-tech startups in the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He is also the professor of digital marketing for the Master’s and MBA programs programs at EADA Business School in Barcelona.

If you’d like talk to Scott about strategic digital marketing for your company please schedule a 30-minute appointment here.