Bourbon Creative was founded in 2013 to help high-tech startups build their audience and position themselves as thought-leaders in their respective fields.

It’s not that these groundbreaking entrepreneurs and their teams are inept at content marketing. In fact, from our experience, it’s quite the opposite. They know exactly what they need to do and, in most cases, they also know how to do it.

Their biggest obstacle is not ability. It’s time.

Innovating at break-neck speed takes every once of energy, focus and concentration you can muster to carve out the requisite marketshare to establish your brand as a mainstay and take on the big players.

In the tumultuous early years of any new venture, you’re fully consumed with product development, fundraising and recruiting talent. In most cases, you’re also trying to maintain some semblance of a normal family life in your almost non-existent free time.


We’re located in One Ocean Port Vell Carrer Escar 26 (Gallery Building), 08039 Barcelona, Spain


You’re not superhuman and something’s gotta give. More often than not, it’s that 5-part game-changing white paper that keeps getting pushed down your to-do list. Important, but not urgent so it’s condemned to collect dust until your next long-haul overseas flight.

What you should do is call us. That’s what we’re built for – to take the workload off you and keep your content game on point.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Ongoing audience research (editorial calendar)
  • Consistent content publishing on your blog, online & offline social channels
  • Email course creation and ebooks as educational lead magnets
  • Automated drip email marketing (lead nurturing funnel)
  • Social media promotion and evergreen content syndication

We offer quarterly packages or pay-as-you go models so you’re never tied into a long-term contract.

Now, you literally have no excuse for your shitty content strategy that has momentum in January, but dies a slow death until November when you realize it’s time for your annual “Top 10 trends for 2018 in [insert your industry here]” blog article, and you vow to actually pay attention to inbound in the new year.

So, get serious about your content marketing, plant your flag, and start taking ownership of thought leadership in your space. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about using content marketing to build an impenetrable strategic moat it’s this:

No one gives it to you. You have to take it. 

For the last 4 years, we have been testing and measuring the impact of content marketing for high-growth startups. The result is a turn-key system of content marketing and lead nurturing automation that boosts top-of-funnel growth and drives long-term success.

If you’re ready to finally see a return on your content marketing investment, schedule a 30-minute appointment here.