Bourbon Creative was founded in 2013 to help high-tech startups and global technology companies build their audience and position themselves as thought-leaders in their respective fields.

Innovating at break-neck speed takes every ounce of energy, focus and concentration you have to carve out marketshare and establish your brand as the trusted lighthouse in a tumultuous and uncertain future. Your best intentions to maintain a value-driven content marketing strategy aren’t enough. Content marketing requires consistency above all else; adding value to your target audience week in and week out. Your biggest obstacle is not ability. It’s time.content-marketing-agency-barcelona-bourbon-creative

That’s what we’re built for – to take the workload off you and keep your content game on point.

For the last 4 years, we have been testing and measuring the impact of content marketing for high-growth tech industries. The result is a turn-key system of content marketing and lead nurturing automation that boosts top-of-funnel growth and drives long-term success.

We offer quarterly packages or pay-as-you go models so you’re never tied into a long-term contract.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Ongoing audience research & 3-month editorial calendar
  • Consistent content publishing for your blog, newsletter & social channels
  • Email course creation and ebooks as educational lead magnets
  • Automated drip email marketing (lead nurturing funnel)
  • Social media promotion and evergreen content syndication

If you’re ready to finally see a return on your content marketing investment, schedule a 30-minute appointment here.