Company Style Guide: Why You Need One and How to Make Your Own

What Is A Style Guide And Why Is It Important

What Is A Style Guide?

A style guide is a road map that helps you to communicate your brand’s character and voice accurately, authentically and consistently. It can include anything from key company messaging, to specific terminology you use, to grammar, spelling and punctuation, to tonal elements like jokes and abbreviations. The idea is to standardize the way your brand speaks to its users in a centralised rulebook. This means all writers, whether they’re your marketing department, content marketing agency, tech lead or CEO, can follow it to ensure high-quality communications that are true to your brand personality at all times. Read more

How To Create A Lead Magnet That Generates Leads For Tech Firms

Building a relationship of trust with potential customers takes time and careful positioning. You want to start instilling confidence in your brand from day one, but you don’t want to force your products on your customers, or push them to give up personal information without good reason. With their mailbox full of newsletters and noise about other products, they’ll simply head elsewhere. Enter your lead magnet.

Lead magnets are all about converting traffic into leads. In other words, turning anonymous visitors into contacts with a name, email, phone number or similar. Great SEO can bring you more website traffic and some direct sales, but most visitors aren’t ready to buy. Lead magnets therefore help businesses nurture visitors until they’re ready to make the jump.

Lead Magnets allow you to deliver genuine value to potential customers, whilst simultaneously growing your email list, building your customer data, generating leads, and paving the way for a long-term customer relationship. They’re particularly effective if you’re a young tech startup without much customer data that’s looking to build authority rapidly through value-additive content. Read more

A Guide to Effectively Outsourcing Your Content Marketing to a Content Marketing Agency

Some might say that content is dead. Whilst it’s true that we’re experiencing a ‘content shock’ in which the volume of content per person online is growing each day, that doesn’t mean content isn’t useful – it just means businesses today have to up their game. To actually win through content marketing in today’s climate, and climb the ranks of SEO, it simply isn’t enough to produce short articles on topics that have been covered thousands of times. Instead, there’s more need than ever for high quality in content writing: it needs to add value to its audience and be of a higher standard than all the other content out there on the topic. You may find a solution in outsourcing your content marketing. Read more

9 Biggest Startup Content Marketing Myths

For high growth startups and tech companies, content marketing has become an essential technique for building audiences and establishing brands. A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 91% of B2B respondents said they were engaged in content marketing, but only 65% said their overall success in the field has increased within the last year. Why is that? There are a number of common content marketing myths that are still preventing businesses from realizing the full impact of content for their brand in 2018. With so much misleading and confusing information out there, we’ll break down these misconceptions to show how you can build a content marketing strategy that allows you to carve out marketshare and position your brand as a beacon of experience and insight within your industry. Read more