Measuring brand awareness is crucial for understanding a brand’s position and resonance in the consumer’s mind. Unlike “vanity metrics” such as likes and follows, which often offer a superficial glimpse at engagement, a comprehensive assessment of brand awareness delves deeper, providing insights into how consumers truly perceive and interact with a brand. This article outlines why measuring brand awareness is essential, the limitations of surface-level metrics, and the strategies for developing a robust measurement model.

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No One Reads My Blog – 26 Tips For Boosting Your Corporate Blog

Working for a digital marketing agency, I often meet companies that run an active corporate blog at high cost but still struggle to get any significant amount of traffic to their website. “No one reads my blog”, they complain. This situation is hardly a surprise given the common startup content marketing myth that simply writing a few posts that target some selected keywords will put you on track to exponential organic growth. WRONG! This content marketing strategy stopped working about 10 years when content shock set in meaning was more free content being published on the internet than we could possibly consume. Today, for almost any search query or question, we can find the entire first ranking page on Google plastered with pretty much the exact same answers and text. So what’s the solution to breaking through the content shock and making sure your blog gets read? Read more