How To Find Great Writers For Content Marketing For Tech Startups – Finding & Evaluating

Fond followers of Bourbon have probably read our previous article about the basics of how to find great writers. With the help of that guide, you’ve hopefully now identified your buyer persona and selected the collaboration options that fit your budget and content writing needs. However, the most difficult challenge is still ahead: not only to have to locate writers in the first place, but you’ll need to ensure they are up to your required standards, are reliable, and fit with your company’s ethos and approach. Read more

How To Find Great Writers For Content Marketing For Tech Startups – The Basics

Thanks to the growing phenomenon of content shock, the buzzing skyscraper technique and with so many businesses producing content these days, there are new standards for your content. A typical blog post should be at least 1200 words if you want it to make an impact on your SEO, brand awareness or inbound marketing leads. Trying to squeeze high quality, relevant content into less than 600 words simply isn’t feasible, since these posts will be outperformed by more in-depth material. Read more

Best 2018 SEO Tips For Startups

Google’s search engine algorithms seem to get smarter and more sophisticated every day. When it comes to SEO best practices, what worked last year might not work today, and what worked five years ago could actually get you penalized by Google these days (for example, inflating backlinks by buying spam links). The evolution of Google’s algorithm makes it increasingly difficult to “cheat” the system.

However, in the face of such rapid development, SEO experts aren’t simply standing by and watching: they too are continuously adapting their strategies. However, this can make it difficult to keep up with the pace of innovation: which strategies actually help you to get ranked today? How can startups with limited budget and resources take on the big dogs? To help you stay ahead of the curve and keep up-to-date with SEO strategies, we interviewed 17 startup CMOs and digital marketing leaders and asked them about their best 2018 SEO tips for startups. Read more

No One Reads My Blog – 26 Tips For Boosting Your Corporate Blog

Working for a digital marketing agency, I often meet companies that run an active corporate blog at high cost but still struggle to get any significant amount of traffic to their website. “No one reads my blog”, they complain. This situation is hardly a surprise given the common startup content marketing myth that simply writing a few posts that target some selected keywords will put you on track to exponential organic growth. WRONG! This content marketing strategy stopped working about 10 years when content shock set in meaning was more free content being published on the internet than we could possibly consume. Today, for almost any search query or question, we can find the entire first ranking page on Google plastered with pretty much the exact same answers and text. So what’s the solution to breaking through the content shock and making sure your blog gets read? Read more

Best Free Digital Marketing Tools For Startups

Let’s face it: we all love free stuff. If you’re starting a new business and looking to make the most every resource available to help you to scale quickly, a cost-efficient helping hand is even more valuable. Where you’re a startup that’s bootstrapping, scraping together funding from a friends-and-family round, or if you’ve just received a €14M funding round, you’ll need to be maximizing ROI whenever possible. That means, in the growth hacking race, free digital marketing tools for startups are becoming pivotal to success. They enable you to automate repetitive tasks to save time, leverage data analytics to optimize campaigns and get organized when managing an expanding team.

We wanted to gather the insider scoop on the best digital marketing tools out there, so we’ve asked entrepreneurs and marketing experts that specialize in startup marketing to share their top recommendations with you. Without further ado, here are the results Read more

How To Conduct Audience Research For Startups

In comparison to fully-grown, long-established companies, startups today face many unique challenges. For starters, as you figure out your product market, you might not have a clear customer profile in mind. That means the whole process of locating your target audience is a lot more complicated, since you can’t take advantage of existing data and trends. For startups, conducting audience research that’s in line with a marketing strategy can be tricky, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Right off the bat – if you have data you can build on, use it. Ideally, startups need to have a clear idea of who they are selling their product or service to, so that all information gathered is relevant and carefully directed. However, if that isn’t available to you, you’ll need to start from scratch. Luckily, we are here to show you how to get started: Read more

How To Create An Editorial Calendar – Startup Guide

Writing and distributing content without an editorial calendar is naive. In fact, it’s about as smart as believing you’ll be able to assemble an IKEA “Billy” bookshelf without the instructions. Of course, ultimately you might get there, but it will cost you a lot more money, time and stress. Think of it, would you go on to build a house without choosing a good location and that the ground can support it, and without a clear idea of how you want it to look, what materials it will need and in what quantity, what construction steps it will require and in what order, and how much time and resources you will need for it? Unless you want your house to look like the one below, you’ll probably opt for drafting up a plan first. Read more